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Cross Training Couture

Over this past year I have realized how important it is for me to work out and be healthy. I was always the girl who joked about how I would never be in the gym, now Im the one making time during my day to go & I LOVE it. (Shout out to Planet Fitness) That being said it has been a challenge for me to find modest workout apparel, especially tops that will cover my backside. 

Cross Training Couture prides themselves on their modest, faith based fitness apparel. Their tanks are my favorite especially this Iron Sharpens Iron tank which is based out of Proverbs 27:17

"As iron sharpens iron,
    so one person sharpens another."

My prayer has always been that I would be available and listening to the Holy Spirit's leading whether I'm at the grocery store or at the gym. That I would be willing to share the good news of Jesus no matter where I am or who I am with. I love that Cross Training Couture is a conversation starter and even if it doesn't start a conversation the truth of Jesus is being read by those around you. 

Lets be a generation that spurs one another on to greatness in healthy competition. Instead of tearing one another down lets build each other up. 

Be sure to check out Cross Training Couture & She Works His Way both founded by the lovely Michelle Myers who is an inspiration to many. Thank you Michelle for being obedient to the Lords leading in 2013. Your faithfulness is bringing the light of Jesus to many. It is a joy to be able to support you.

In His Love,



Happy One Year!!

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