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Dream On Dreamer

Hi Everyone

Hope you are having an amazingly blessed week.

-Luke 18:27-

"Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

Did you know God desires for you to believe Him for more?

Life isn't about just settling or deciding this is a good place for me to be content.

We should always be believing and asking God to do a GREATER work in and through our lives. He desires children who want to see unrealistic dreams come to fruition for His Glory. He desires us to challenge Him and believe Him for the things that are incomprehensible to our human minds.

-John 14:13-14-

"And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it."

What are the dreams you are believing God for?
What dreams are you afraid of jumping into because you don't feel like He will come through?
What dreams are you trying to push to the side so you can pursue your own path? What dreams are you afraid to talk about because others may think you are crazy?

He is calling us to dream dreams that will bring Glory and Honor to His name. That will bring freedom to His children. That will challenge others to seek God about what His dream is for their life. To dream dreams that will build up tremendous faith in our hearts. 

If you are afraid of what God is calling you to today, don't be. He promises that He will walk with you and be your strength. There is no dream too big God will not fulfill if it is in line with His will. Trust in Him. Take a leap of Faith with Him. He will not let you down. 

Also REMEMBER all dreams dont happen over night.

It took Noah 120 years to see Gods vision and dream for His life to come to fruition. ((Building the Ark)) (Genesis 6&7)

It took Sarah till she was 90 years old to see her dream of a mother become a reality. (Genesis 17)

These are just two of the many examples of visions coming to fruition in GODS TIMING.

Dont get in a hurry in waiting for your dream come to life. The longer you wait, the bigger the vision, more is revealed and more lives are touched through your obedience and patience to Jesus. 

Today I challenge you to pray & believe for BIG DREAMS.

If you already know that dream then pray for God to continue to reveal more of it to you. If you dont know what that dream is yet seek HIs face diligently to know what that is. He will reveal it and what He begins in you, He will carry it out to completetion. 

There is nothing more satisfying than to know that you are invited to be apart of Gods greater story. 


Today my prayer is that you would first surrender your life. That you would open your hands to whatever God has in store for you. That life wouldnt be about self but about the bigger picture of how we can affect eternity. I pray that dreams would stir in the hearts of each of you. That your life would be gloriously ruined for the sake of Jesus and His people. I pray that each of you would BOLDLY step into whatever it is that He asks and that there is no hinderance. I pray that the enemy would be put back where he belongs anytime he tries to come against what God has spoken as TRUTH. I pray that you would be so ROOTED in Jesus and His Word that you will be UNSHAKEABLE. Believing that you will feel WORTHY of being apart of HIS PLAN and that you would gladly accept the invitation to walk hand in hand with your Father the one who loves you forever. 




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