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Fresh Start - Spring Cleaning

Assuming we are days away from it being Spring for good I thought it would be a great idea to get a head start on spring cleaning. Now I know not all of you may enjoy cleaning, getting organized and the fresh scents that come with spring time but I promise it will make you feel better and your load feel a little lighter. 

Here is a look inside my spring cleaning list:

1. Clean Out!

All those clothes you haven't worn in years get rid of them. Donating these clothes may motivate you to take a couple of hours to clean out. If you are from the Atlanta area I suggest donating to Atlanta Mission. They are on a mission to end homelessness in Atlanta and are really wonderful to work with. 

2. Organize

Take some time to invest into some storage bins/containers. Get rid of all the "stuff" thats cluttering your office, bedroom, or closet. If your like me you like to have a place for everything to be put away so you don't walk into the room feeling overwhelmed but instead refreshed. 

3. Fresh Flowers

Anytime you add fresh flowers to a room it is gonna put a little more spring in your step and a smile on your face. 

4. Deep Clean

The dreaded but must do deep clean will leave you feeling accomplished and refreshed. Vacuum those floors, clean those window, do the laundry and make the bed. 

5. Fresh Smells

Last but not least invest into your favorite candle or air freshener. My go to candle is you guessed it, Anthropologies Volcano scent candle. Add the scents and smells and enjoy your spring cleaned home. 

Hope these 5 little steps will kick start your spring cleaning off right and leave you feeling like spring is bringing a fresh start 

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