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How To: All My Hair Secrets

So First Things First.

Here are all the things you need to get that perfect shiny curled hair. 

1' Helen of Troy Curling Iron (Sally's-$38)

Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer (Target- $35)

Aussie Mega Hairspray (Walmart- $4)

Caviar Heat Protectant (Hair Salon- $30)(Optional) 

Paddle Hair Brush (Walmart-$3)  

First Step I always let my hair air dry just a little while I put my make up on. Plus it probably cuts my hair dryer time in half when I let it dry on its own a bit. While I let my hair air dry I use the Cavier heat protectant on it. A few sprays is enough typically and it doesn't hurt that it smells so good. When Im drying my hair I tend to run my fingers through it and then I start to use my brush. I try my best to blow dry it straight that way my curls don't have any wave at the root of my head. 


 After my hair is good and dry, I section it off into two sections.

(please make sure your hair is all the way dry before curling or straightening.

Heat + Wet Hair = Damaged and Fried looking hair)

Take care of your Hair. 


Once my hair is sectioned off I start picking up pieces of my hair. Because I have been curling my hair for countless years I don't really pay attention to the size of the pieces Im picking up. I think it depends on how thick or thin your hair is and how you want the end result to look. Im all about my "workable curls" they are not too tight and not too loose. I learned how to do these curls by many years of practice. If you want tight curls I would pick up pieces that are thin and if your wanting a very loose curl pick up a chunk of hair. 


After you decide what kind of curls you are wanting to have for the day. Pick up some pieces and start curling. I always curl my hair from bottom to top. I pull my hair once through the curling iron to the end and start rolling it up toward my scalp. I also like my hair to be away from my face so I curl going away from my face giving it that wing look. Once my whole head is curled I bring all my hair to the front and run my fingers through it to give it more of a relaxed wavy look. If your hair is thin or does not hold curl very well I would suggest just flipping your head over once and kind of shaking it instead of running your fingers through it.


Once I run my fingers through my hair and get it the way I want it to look, I grab the hair spray. I flip my head over spray all around my head then flip it back and spray a little more on the top. I love my hair BIG! So the bigger the better. Sometimes if my hair looks more bottom heavy I will take a comb and some hairspray and tease both sides and the back to give more volume on the top of my head. If you have thick hair that holds curl well you most likely won't need a lot of hair spray but if your hair doesn't hold curl well I would suggest spraying each piece of hair has you go.

There you have it Ladies. This is how I get my perfect curl.

Remember too practice makes perfect.  

Hope you enjoyed todays fun How To: Post.  


Happy Friday! 

Rock the Curls Today! 





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