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Welcome to Marqué! I'm excited you're here! I pray that as you browse through the website you are inspired + encouraged and that you find some new pieces for your wardrobe along the way.

Modest Monday •Bundle Up•

Hope all of you had an amazing Thanksgiving with all of your loved ones. I know I sure did and my heart could explode just thinking about how much God has truly blessed me. He is so good to each of us. Thanking Him today for His blessings.

Well as we get further into our winter months I've been in search of a new coat! Obviously all of us could use a coat this winter. There are several different types of coats that are always in style or that are just hot this season. Here are a few different types that I'm obsessed with.

•Quilted Coat•


•Fur Coat•


•The Peacoat•


•Oversized Coat•


•Trench Coat•


•Bomber Jacket•




•Biker Jacket•


Whether you are looking into getting a new one to replace an old one or just looking to add one to your closet any of these would be good choices.

The Peacoat /
The Oversized Coat /
The Trench/

These 3 never go out of style in my opinion they go with everything and are usually bought in neutral colors like beige, gray, black, white and an occasional red.

The Bomber & The Biker

These two for me are only on a outfit by outfit basis. I wouldn't tend to call myself a edgy girl but definitely like to pull out my biker coat from time to time. If you like edge and a harder coat or jacket these are for you.


These three are the three that I have seen a lot of this season. Toggle coats are a lot like the Peacoat they are classic and can go with a lot of different outfits. Also bought in neutral colors. Quilted coats are one of my favorites right now. They are chic and very flattering for lots of body types. The stand out coat is the Fur. Love the fur coat because it makes a statement. You can get these in a lot of different prints and colors.

On a fun note: The Color for Coats this season is the light baby pink. Love seeing Pink everywhere. Definitely a sassy color for this winter!

Be Brave & Rock the Pink!




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