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Modest Monday: Dress it Up

 Happy Monday Lovelies

Today we want to share our thoughts and tips on finding the "modest dress".  

It is extremely hard for most women today to find a dress that is long enough and high enough and really modest enough. My personal favorite is the Pencil Dress.  It is typically a very nice length and very flattering on most body types. The neck lines on these dresses typically are very modest and not low cut. 

Here are a few places that carry them & that I usually find mine at

Banana Republic

The Loft





Make sure when trying on these types of dresses or any type of dress that you look for the 3 specifics

  1. Is the length of the dress either below the knee, right at the knee or just a little above the knee? 

  2. Ask yourself the question is this dress too tight? If so you probably don't want to be wearing it. 

  3. Does the neckline fall at an appropriate place?  

  • you want to make sure that if you were to bend over to pick something up or even sit down that nothing is going to be showing.

  • you also don't want the dress to be tight to the point where you can see every curve on your body. 

  • ultimately you don't want to cause others to stumble. The way we are dressing is so important ladies. Dress as if Jesus were standing right in front of you. Dress to honor others.

  Lets change the way we think when we get dressed.

Are we looking to capture the attention of others or dressing like we are a Daughter of the King?

The Colors for Fall 2013 Fashion.

When buying your pencil dress, any dress or any type of clothing this fall season be on the lookout for these beautiful vibrant colors. 


Go out or go online and buy you a fun fall classic dress today. 

((You are beautiful))

In His Love  


Colossians 3:12

"Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience."







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