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Modest Monday- The Swimsuit

Modest Monday- The Swimsuit

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We apologize for not being consistent on the blog but with that said we have a lot of big announcements coming your way in the next few months! We are excited to share those with you.

Today I want to talk about the swimsuit and part of my personal testimony with this issue. We are about to hit summer and some of you have already ventured out to purchase your swimsuits for your recent spring breaks and your summer getaways. I will be the first to admit that I love me a cute two piece and especially when I get to show it off at the beach.

 With that said as a modest clothing store owner and someone who truly believes the modest mindset can change how a girl views herself and how others view her I was challenged in this area of the swimsuit. God really began to talk to me about my motives behind wearing it and started putting videos and other blog posts in my path about being modest even when wearing the bathing suit. (video below)

I argued with God & I didn't want to have to give up my cute bikini I had just purchased at target last summer or really any of them. I battled with Him for awhile and realized if Im going to proclaim this message I have to step into this fully in my own life. 

((Let me address the issue that I am in no way saying you all need to go out and buy a one piece today or you are not modest if you wear a bikini. I would just challenge you especially if you are a women of faith to be so mindful of your intentions and others around you.)) 

It was very hard for me to be obedient in this area of my life. I in no way wanted to have to go on a hunt of finding a "cute and flattering" one piece but I did and surprisingly there are some out there. Yes they are pricey and not your cute affordable two piece you pick up at target but it is do-able if this is something you have been challenged to do as well. 

Also I have found that the one piece is coming back in style this season. Maybe you will rock it because its a fashion trend or maybe even because you desire to be more modest. Either way I think everyone should own at least one and see the response you will get. You may be surprised in a good way :)

These are a few of my favorite one-pieces of the season. 

((They are in order from highest price to lowest and the information of price and the store is underneath each picture.))

Lolli Swim-Nordstrom-$155-Striped

Lolli Swim-Nordstrom-$155-Striped

Michael Kors-Nordstrom-$120- Black,Coral,Aqua,LimeGreem

Michael Kors-Nordstrom-$120- Black,Coral,Aqua,LimeGreem

CoCo Rave-Nordstrom-$86-Pink

CoCo Rave-Nordstrom-$86-Pink

La Blanca-Nordstrom-$71-White

La Blanca-Nordstrom-$71-White

Top Shop-$64-Black

Top Shop-$64-Black

If you have decided you are going to stick with the bikini these are a few things to think about when your purchasing and how to be more modest in them.

1-Bandeau Styled Tops have way more fabric than others.

2-Straps always help keep everything together.

3-Full Coverage Bottoms Always!

4-If you look in the mirror and have a thought like "this will get me attention" probably not the right choice. Respect yourself, Respect what God has given you, Respect others around you.

Be apart of the Modest Movement!

Enjoy the warm weather & Remember you are Loved.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and be sure to tell us what you would like us to write about!



Take a minute to watch the video below! It is so insightful and full of so much truth! Also support Jessica Rey and her swimwear line Rey Swimwear! 

Quality > Quantity

Love One Another, As I have Loved You.