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Modesty & Devotion - His Perspective No.1

Modesty & Devotion - His Perspective No.1

I think the word devotion has been lost to a lot of people in the current day.  We live in the days where it is cool and trendy to do devotionals in coffee shops with friends. Don’t get me wrong, devotionals are awesome, but do we ever stop to consider what the word actually means? What does devotion mean? What does it look like? Devotion is an investment, not a trendy thing to do on a Saturday morning.

Devotion is defined as: love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person activity, or cause. 

What does it mean to be devoted to you as a woman? 

Well, I am not a woman, but let me answer this from my perspective: modesty is one of the greatest ways you can show devotion to yourself. In the context of modesty being devoted to oneself is saying “I love myself and because of that I am investing in presenting myself in a beautiful way to the people around me.” 

There is this all out mentality that comes with being devoted. Think about the people who were saved by the apostles in Acts; they were so devoted to the apostles teachings and fellowship that they sold their things and shared the money with all the other believers. What would it look like if we gave up everything just to have one thing? Being devoted is not a part time thing. Push your chips all in. (Acts 2:42-45)

How does being devoted to oneself point you to Jesus?

When you are devoted to yourself you realize your self worth, which means that you realize what you are worth to Jesus. In being modest you are constantly reminding yourself who you are in Jesus; you are worth something and modesty and devotion constantly reminds you of that. 

In Jesus you are a child, an heir, not condemned, not a slave, blameless, alive, set apart, complete, loved, and chosen. Being devoted to yourself means that you accept and believe those things are true about you. 

How does being devoted to oneself point the people around us to Jesus?

 It is an outward proclamation of who you are in Christ. You are telling people “I love myself so much that I want what I look like to represent who Jesus says I am.” People notice this and they respect it and they see Jesus through it.

Being completely devoted is not easy. It takes an all out mentality. It means that you’ll look differently from the mainstream. You’ll stand out. No short dresses or low cut shirts. People will ask you questions, but through all of this you get to glorify Jesus and isn’t that all we ever long for? 

Press on, ladies. Continue giving Jesus the glory.

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