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Hi Friends! 

Welcome to Marqué! I'm excited you're here! I pray that as you browse through the website you are inspired + encouraged and that you find some new pieces for your wardrobe along the way.

{Taking Off}

2013 was an unbelievable year of ups and downs, being full of faith and being completely faithless. I learned so much last year and many lessons that I learned I will be carrying over to my continued journey this year! God has so much in store and it's just crazy thinking about how much He has already stirred in my heart for this company and for all of you! If you aren't aware, God, through my parents and grandparents have given me "the exact amount + a little extra" that I felt like Jesus had spoken to me that I needed to get started! I stood in awe of how He multiplied just on Christmas morning! I truly felt like the little boy who gave up his 5 loaves and 2 fish & was part of Jesus feeding 5000. I'm so humbled to be apart of Jesus' story! I pray that YOU know He has an abundant, life giving, unimaginable story for YOU as well! Be ENCOURAGED! He has not forgotten YOU!

Im thrilled that 2014 is here, I'm believing that this is the year of dreams becoming a reality. That Gods favor and sovereignty are at their peak in your life. That we are constantly reminded of Gods grace and blood and mercy that was shown to us on The Cross!

My heart could explode when I say that "Marquė will be opening in 2014"!!!!! I could sob thinking about how merciful, good, loving, life-changing God is because without those things I would not be where I'm at today. Marquė is GODS PLAN for my life not my own! Ultimately I want God to be glorified! I desire women and men to ALL know about His grace and love and mercy! That they are redeemed and that He has a plan for them! That is my only job here on this earth is to glorify Jesus and point everyone to Him! Praise God that He is allowing me to do that through fashion which is something I love and is a desire of my heart! He loves me that much, and He loves you enough that if your patient and you wait for Him to unfold your plan it will be more than you could have ever imagined for yourself! It will bring you total satisfaction because it will be Jesus centered and you will it regret one day of choosing that path I promise you that!

There is a lot coming to Marquė in 2014. We have lots of plans and vision for what this will look like as we start this journey of our online store & continued journey of this blog!

Please join us in prayer  for this year, that we would:

1. Always be seeking Jesus about every step

2. That we would not be in a hurry but would take our time and use our provision wisely

3. That we would always be an encouragement to our readers 

4. Consistency 

5. That He would continue to put the right people in our path 

Thank you for your support, patience and consistency, even though we weren't as consistent over the holidays! Praying you had an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Welcome 2014

In His Love 



Expect The Unexpected

Truth Through The Tree- by Jamie Lea Shiver