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A Guys Perspective: Part 3- Daniel Phelan

I want to pursue one of God’s daughters unto marriage and unto death! I want to lay down my life for Our King, my Wife, my kids, and my country. I want to encourage other men to do so. And in fact I do. But when a women forgets that she is the crown jewel of Creation, a Daughter of the Lion of Judah, and makes it easier to catch her than to order a cup of joe, she’s teaching the world something. She’s telling the world what she thinks of herself - and apparently not much. That’s why it is SO attractive when a girl is saturated in the Word! Because from that I know she knows her worth!

I often hear girls say, “where are all the good guys at?” and I want to scream! The truth is most women do not want a good guy. Because a good guy is in the line of fire. Constantly standing up for what is right and laying down his life for the sake of others. Good guys, follow Christ and He ain’t safe! Good guys get attacked. Good guys are NOT secure, except for their position in Christ. They fight boldly, love fiercely, care gently, lead confidently, and pray always. They have learned the cost of following Christ and bare the scares to show it.

That means when everyone is heading out to see a movie where there is even a possibility to see scantily clad woman in it - he doesn’t go. He plans ahead, and protects himself from being put into situations where he will be tempted to lust. Because he has learned through struggle and victory that the only way to overcome the power of lust is to flee from it.

I am sorry if this hurts, but the truth is: I have neglected to even be in the presence of a woman simply because of the way she choses to dress. William Blake has rightly said, “The naked woman’s body is a portion of eternity too great for the eye of man.” Aptly put, I know that the power of lust is too great for me to wrestle with. Therefore, if I want to honor her, myself, and God, I must leave the presence of the sensually dressed woman.

Consider this: What if a man with whom you had eyes for came to you and said, “My heart has brimmed with joy the moment our eyes kissed. I have carefully considered how I might have the privilege to be called completely yours. I find your nature as beautiful and alluring as the sun; and as my heart, the moon, I blush from the extravagance of your beauty all night long eagerly awaiting the day when I shall take pleasure in your presence once more. My hearts desire is to be wholly and devotedly yours. Will you set your heart free to run away with me?”

A little grandiose for sure, but how would this make you feel? What if you could see in his eyes that he really meant it? Run with that thought for a moment.

... Now consider how you would feel if this Wordsmith turned to the next girl he saw and said the same thing! You would feel cheated, lied too, dishonored, and devalued. This is synonymous with what goes on in a guys heart when a scantily clad woman walks into the room. His eyes see something only her husband’s should. Instantaneously, he is approached with two feelings: enticed and dishonored. As the woman being swept away by the Wordsmiths words so too is the man swept away by the figure of the immodest women. He first wants her seduction to be for him alone, but he knows because she has shown herself to the world before her; that this cannot be. Thus, he feels cheated.

The encouragement I leave you with is that there are men who love the Lord with all of their heart and are growing in righteousness day by day. These same men long to rise to the occasion and fight for the honor of their loved ones. How freeing it is to be in the presence of a woman and not have to guard my heart against her sensuality. To be able to hear her heart without being drowned out by her body. You see modesty is not meant to constrain you, but to free you and everyone with you.

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Galatians 5:1


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