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What A Man <3

•John 15:13•
"Greater LOVE has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."

Today is about LOVE! A really great love. Jesus is His Name. I honestly stand in awe of the fact today that I am LOVED and you are LOVED immensely by the the absolute definition of Love.

Yes, I 100% believe that Jesus desires us to have a help mate, someone who can remind us of how loved we are and to be a reflection of Christ in our lives here on earth. Marriage, Relationships are something we ought to cherish. God does and is the one who came up with the brilliant idea anyway right? So cherish the ones you love and shower them with valentines day treats. If you don't have someone yet just remember Gods timing is perfect and if you wait patiently it will be worthwhile when he or she enters your life.

But I pray you don't forget about your First Love. I pray you will tell Him how thankful you are for Him and His beautiful, selfless sacrifice. I pray you are reminded of all the times He rescued you from dangerous places and people. I pray you are reminded of how much grace and mercy He has poured out from our countless mistakes. How He is never mad and even when we betray Him, He welcomes us back with His open arms of forgiveness and lavishly loves us through and through! He will never fail us, His love never fails and if you are hurting and broken today run into the ultimate lovers arms and be satisfied and made whole.

Today is just another day. Make the most of it. Love others and Fall more in Love with Jesus!

In His Love
Happy Love Day.


Love One Another, As I have Loved You.

Expect The Unexpected